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It … [Read More Getting started in the window cleaning business is not too difficult. It will take a little money, but not much. There is something to be said about building good customer relations with your window cleaning business. When you provide a service that there is a … [Read More Nor do you want to take additional classes or have to sink … [Read More In order to be … [Read More You probably never thought starting a window washing business could be quite so profitable.

Well, it definitely can. Starting a … [Read More While there are many options that can get expensive, getting the essentials … [Read More Window cleaning can be quite profitable. Have you ever asked yourself, what can Google do for my business? Well, if you have a window cleaning business, you really need to explore the ways in … [Read More Most small business experts recommend writing a business plan for any new business, but it may not be necessary for a window cleaning business.

While … [Read More Recession Proof. Windows get dirty regardless of the economy. You can make as much money as you want. Repeat business.

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Most window cleaning customers are repeat customers. Flexible schedule. The best way to structure your window cleaning business to reduce taxes and give yourself liability protection. Be sure to get this type of insurance if you want to do commercial buildings. Buy this instead of a yellow pages ad, and save thousands.

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The perfect window cleaning solution — just pennies per gallon. Why you should never bid by the hour. Why you never want to be the low bidder. How to write a window cleaning bid. Six simple add-on businesses that most window cleaning customers need — all you have to do is ask.

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Window cleaning tips and techniques that can speed up your work, keep customers coming back for more, and avoid a few potential disasters. Links to how-to videos that will have you looking professional in no time. How to use simple flyers to bring in thousands of dollars in new business.

A guide to starting a window cleaning business in the UK

Six ways to use postcards to market your window cleaning business. Ready for your use. How to grow your business just from referrals from happy customers. Christopher Turner, who set up The London Window Cleaner in , for instance, is a former hedge fund manager.

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I got out because I wanted to go back to something that was fundamental, something practical and useful and that would always have a market. A City background is not a prerequisite of course — although it might help with your start-up costs. Window cleaning is often a family business and, according to Damien of the BWCA, there are a few husband-and-wife teams around. Like most start-up businesses, starting a window cleaning company is limited only by commitment and interest. In times of downturn especially, many people who have lost their job use their redundancy payment to start a business in something like window cleaning.

So if you want to take up your squeegee and ladder, don't let the scare stories put you off. It's a good idea to decide initially how big you want your company to be, too. You can start off very small just yourself , but no matter how small you are to begin with you should build your brand on what you expect to achieve.

Step 2: Start Your Own Business or Buy a Franchise?

Because as workable as a micro business is, a bucket and ladder will not get you very far: it is worth considering your strategy and long-term goals before launching into things. Somebody who starts out by investing a couple of hundred quid in a ladder and a bucket and a squeegee won't really have the potential to grow. So straight off, he was able to purchase a number of vehicles and to invest in a website and logos for his vans. This route comes recommended as it sets your business up on a firm footing. Visibility is important for a window cleaning company.

How to Start a Cleaning Business: From Zero to $60k a Month

Consider how you will achieve this: through marketing, through painting your vans, or perhaps by creating an impressive website and online presence? Christopher took the name The London Window Cleaner some six months after starting up the company, and then worked very hard to ensure that the website was top of Google rankings, for instance.

We just operate from our website.

How To Start a Cleaning Business: Free Quick Start Guide (Updated )

So our company name and our profile on the internet is absolutely crucial. At the start, you will have to go out, and work hard to get your name out there. It can take time. For The London Window Cleaner, it took probably two years to get that investment back. But we do very little active marketing because of the position we worked to establish in the market. In the early stages, especially if your focus is residential, some footwork will not go amiss either.

Damien says ClearChoice members can use their membership card and online profile to help them win new business. A system like this will allow you to work more quickly, and without access to domestic water supply. You will also be able to reach upper floor windows without the need for climbing equipment such as ladders or a cherry picker. We have vehicles which have to carry over a metric tonne of water. If you take a long-term view, this kind of equipment will pay for itself many times over.

As a rule, domestic window cleaning is not where the big money is found, though.

If you want to grow your company and step into the big league, commercial window cleaning is probably the market you should aim for. In commercial window cleaning, there are four main areas.

How To Start a Profitable Window Cleaning Business

You have general window cleaning, which requires a bucket, a ladder and a squeegee, and is done by hand: this is just for internal work, for inside office buildings and so on. The second area is exterior high level, cleaning buildings of up to 60ft with the reach and wash system, as detailed above. The third area is abseiling, which requires specialist individuals. And the fourth is crane cleaning, where you bring in a high level crane and cherry picker, and reach over the building to reach the windows.

If you want to cover all four of those areas, you will need substantial investment from the outset. Perhaps the most important consideration with a window cleaning enterprise is health and safety. Before you even consider setting up shop, you should expect to spend time swotting up on health and safety.

Taking courses, joining relevant industry bodies and reading up on government requirements: that's all part of your initial investment. This is not a bad idea when you consider it will form one of the keystones in the reputation you build for your business. When you're first starting out, unless you are already an experienced and fully qualified window cleaner, it will be necessary to invest in staff and provide training for them. If you are comitted to building a good reputation as a window cleaning company, you need to take health and safety very seriously.

You should meet with environmental health officers in different areas, and ensure you have the best health and safety documentation out on the market. Intimately connected to health and safety, of course, is the issue of insurance. Be aware, insurance rates in the window cleaning industry can run quite high.