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Delaney Victor is helping Michael Tanner escape the Areth tormentors, and because he is also escaping something evil, his life is very dark. His only respite comes when he meets Beverly Surimoto, but how long will it be before she realizes that he, too, is a demon? Author: Stacey Wallace Benefiel Penny Black is a foster kid-turned addict, but she has now gotten past some of her demons and lives in the New Society, where her abilities to rewind time are not considered scary.

Author: A. Norris After losing her father and her home, Lilly Jordan travels to the galaxy of Gentry II, where she has her choice of several men to choose from. Spend time with Mark as he travels through these universes and attempts to get home to his beloved Sarah. Soon, she becomes interested in this young man and begins to question everything she was ever taught and has ever experienced.

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Author: Sheila Gamble Greed, deception, and even more greed are at the crux of this novel, which threaten good family reputations and promises to do everything to destroy them in the end. When Tobias is ordered to assassinate a senator, he is drawn into a world of intrigue and has the fates of both humans and aberrants in his hands. Author: Jennifer Leeland Alex and Tory have a purely physical relationship that is as sordid as a relationship can get. When things get complex, the two lovers have to rely on more than their bodies to solve a few mysteries, but they both wonder if that is even possible.

Author: Viola Grace The story takes place in the year , and the earth is at war. Her job is to take wounded soldiers and turn them into bots so they can keep fighting. Author: Elliot Graves Katelyn Donovan is ready to leave her war-torn life and seek freedom, but as long as her life is filled with lost allies, forgotten foes, and her haunting past, she may or may not be able to enjoy that freedom one day. Every day, she wonders how long the chaos in her life will last, and hopes that she gets one step closer to the calm she so desperately desires. Cameron Rushton was abducted by the alien race and has no heart, so Brady is assigned to be a human pacemaker for him.

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Pretty soon, the two men are sharing thoughts and emotions as well as a heartbeat, and Brady has to figure out how to deal with being attracted to another man, especially one who can read his thoughts. Author: Iryna K. Author: Kyle Warner This is an interesting story that is placed in the future, after the world ends, although there are survivors. But will these survivors be able to live off the land that was once lush and green and which is now destroyed and dangerous to live on?

Author: Ian Lewis Troy Brink has been thrust into a world that is technologically superior and is able to create weapons with unimaginable power.

Fighting both another technological group and a religious extremist group, he has to decipher cryptic messages left behind by the owners of the weapons, in an attempt to make sure the power goes to the right entity. At first, she has no idea what to do, but then she decides to fight back against whoever put her in this position. Author: S. Pajonas In a post-apocalyptic world and living on a new planet, several survivors band together in a coastal town to survive, but old enemies, new enemies, and uncertainty take its toll on every one of them, making it difficult to figure out this new world of theirs.

Author: L. King Abducted and forced to become a spy, Tam suffers through a siege, murderous plots against her family, and traitorous lords, and after meeting an alien relic and heading out on a dangerous mission, she hopes she succeeds in the end, even when the assassins get too close for comfort. Author: Helena Maeve With the apocalypse coming, Eve is making preparations until her ex-lover and part-time warlock, Neil, arrives on the scene.


They start working together to band against the evil that is trying to take over, but neither of them knows how this will end. Pillow Olena is a space pirate recuperating from an injury on a bride procurement ship. She poses as a mail-order bride, even though this is something she never wants to be.

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When dragon-shifting Prince Yusef meets the elusive Olena, he determines to make her his bride, but the independent space pirate will have nothing of it — at first. Author: Jay Toney Nathaniel, a pirate that raids rich colonies, and Amber, the captain of a freighter, join forces against pirate organizations and an organization that wants to conquer the free border systems and take them over, which would be good for no one. This one will keep you guessing right up to the end, and you will never let go of these characters.

Author: Linda Kay Silva Echo Branson is an empath out to save the supernaturals on an island in Hawaii and destroy a lab that performs excruciating experiments on others. To do so, she has to face certain fears and let go of the person who created her, which may prove to be more difficult than she thought. Author: Lauren Dane Vincenz Fardelle and Julian Marsters are content working together against evil, but when a shattered, but resilient woman named Hannah comes into their lives, a love triangle develops that is hard to explain and even harder to understand.

Will the men be able to continue their work with all of this going on in their personal lives? Boone attempts to stop her from marrying his half-brother, but in the meantime he starts to fall for her. Their love-hate relationship remains explosive, but how long can it stay that way without something bad happening?

Author: Robyn Bachar Lord Degalen Fairren is the sole survivor of a massacre in Sunsinger and spends most of his time reading. Andelynn Harrow is the daughter of the man Galen is teaming up with to save the world, but she is deadly.

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As Galen and Andee work together to rid the world of evil, they find in the end that they cannot live without one another. She finds herself in an alien warship travelling to a place that she is unfamiliar with, and it is there that she meets Creon, who is a hero for ending a terrible war, but is unable to commit to love. Author: Julia Ash Husband-and-wife spies Ruby and Clay are headed to what they think is a low-risk mission, but thanks to Lt. Quinton Oxford, they are separated, kidnapped, and brought to Moscow.

Author: Erin Durante Samantha goes to Las Vegas for what she assumes will be a little vacation, but before she knows it she is abducted and brought to another world — a war-torn world where her days are dreadfully boring. That is, until a young man comes home from that war and looks to her for both his physical and emotional healing. Author: Brett Ayscough Leaving her planet and inadvertently landing in Poland, Tak, an alien anthropologist, teams up with Baron Von Limbach, working with him to study the human race and helping him complete his own mission.

Worse, all of this has to be done quickly so she can return to her spaceship before the entire earth is destroyed. Author: Linnea Sinclair Billionaire Devin Guthrie wants Makaiden Griggs, but she is unattainable because she is in a lower caste than he is. However, when the two get together to find a missing relative and save their empire, sparks fly, and neither of them knows how their story will end.

Author: Lisa Soem Adam is stripped of everything when an illness is revealed in an exam, because imperfections are taboo in his world.

Fanny Hill 1983 Erotic Romance +18 Eng Voice

When he is taken in by former enemies, he is determined to close a rift that has been there for centuries, while holding onto the love of his life and learning to live with his new identity. Along the way, she captures the very handsome Mecah, and they succumb to their desires quickly. They have a war to win that humans are depending on, but will their newfound love affair get in their way?

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Author: Gini Koch In the middle of chaos, Kitty meets a hunk named Jeff Martini, and even though they are from different planets, both of them are determined to make their relationship work. But is that even possible? Author: M. Delfosse In a world where doctors explain romanticism as a mental disorder, Aaron and Kiona decide to fight against the norm and prove that love can win out in the end.

Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Waking Kiss. Description A stranger in the wings, a traitorous pair of toe shoes, and a traumatic turn dancing with The Great Rubio For ballerina Ashleigh Keaton, it's been one hell of a night. But it's not over yet. When Rubio drags her to a private party at his friend's house in the ritzy part of London, she meets Liam Wilder, a lifestyle dominant and frighteningly seductive man.

Liam pursues Ashleigh, attracted by her strength and talent, but she has secrets-an abusive past and a crippling fear of intimacy that prevents her from connecting to anyone, especially a playboy reputed to be legendary in bed. Eventually he wins her trust and sets out to heal the troubled dancer, awakening her to a world of sensual abandon in a series of "sessions" at his home.

But how pure are his motives? Is he helping her or endangering her fragile soul? Liam hides his own destructive secrets, and so does Fernando Rubio, their temperamental friend.