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Even flirtation, dating, meeting new individuals and playing the game of romance is additionally thought of as subjects of the fifth house. As Leo is the ruling zodiac sign of the fifth house, everything related to drama, theater and acting are to be found here as well.

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Leo and the Sun also impart initiative and motivation, so the fifth house can point towards motivating activities that the individual has. Furthermore, the house can also rule the first child that the individual has, and planets that are available there can uncover the gender and the character of that child. Look to the planets and the zodiac sign where the fifth house's cusp is to get hints about the child and the planetary aspects that associated with it.

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The second child is instead governed by the seventh house , the third by the ninth house. The individual's fertility is also seen through the zodiac sign and planets situated in the fifth house as well.

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Imaginative or athletic inclinations of the individual can likewise be seen through this house, and the proximity of different planets and zodiac signs can reflect the activities in which the individual revels as a child. The fifth house is likewise in charge of pride, and additionally a wide range of festivity and celebrating. We love our supporters. Subscribers get exclusive offers.

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How to Interpret Houses in Astrology — Part 6: The Fifth House

The relationships you indulge in and whether you are successful or not is also governed by fifth house. It rules your indulgence in illegitimacy, affairs out of wedlock, illicit relations, illegitimate children, and attraction to opposite sex too depending upon the planets in the house and the position of 5th house lord. Fifth house also rules your sense of discrimination, rationalization, mental intelligence, and analytical skills.

Coherence, righteousness, process and chances of higher education, spiritual learning and pursuits are all ruled by 5th house. Fifth house is also related to good luck and fortune, your indulgence in speculation and investments. Your luck in gambling and matters involving risk of money can be assessed by reading 5th house. All games and speculative affairs where chance plays a role come under 5th house signification such as puzzles, socking, shares, sudden gains, racing, lotteries, betting, dice, casinos, cards etc.

Fifth house relates to Leo, the fifth sign in the Zodiac cycle. Jupiter is the natural significator of this house, which also relates to good luck, fortune, learning and wisdom. The body parts that fifth house rules include stomach, upper and middle back, pancreas, and spine.

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The fifth house in mundane astrology is thought to represent population and birth rate of the country. Fifth house also represents the ambassadors and national affairs of a country, especially relating to entertainment, education, youth, and sports. Year West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming.

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