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Firm your tummy muscles, relax your shoulders, and draw yourself up by keeping your head and neck in line with your shoulders. Allow your spine to be naturally and gracefully curvy. A willingness to celebrate the truly comic in us and in everyday events, without sarcasm or meanness, gives life a fine and fizzy tingle. Humor eases tension, makes both the profound and pathetic palatable, and connects us. In addition, laughter can reduce your risk for a heart attack by a whopping 40 percent, and help your body process blood sugar better.

Your sense of humor is as unique as your fingerprints and flaunting yours enriches the world. Consider humor a muscle that could use a workout once in a while. Time stops. The rest of the world fades away.

40 Inspirational Quotes about Inner Beauty – Inspiring Tips

This is bliss—the feeling of pure being that creates deep satisfaction. It changes us for the better. The good news is, we can all get there.

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Start by noticing what gives you real satisfaction. Once upon a time, gratitude was saddled with a reputation for being lame — something wimpy that Mom made you do. But researchers and real people are beginning to understand why feeling truly thankful expands your own sense of well-being and sends ripples into the world.

Feeling thankful increases feelings of optimism, reduces pain and fatigue, and boosts performance at school and at work. With incredible pressures of modern life paying mortgages, autos, buying products that sometimes we do not need or use. We know that once the body and our sense of hope breaks down, life is no longer joyful.

We do need to remember what is our real value, and for this reason we must take care of ourselves, it is our first and most important task. Our Wishes for you Today. We wish you upon the path of finding what you have been searching for your entire life.

What is inner beauty?

We also hope you are connecting with your soul and transforming your life into a complete and constant expression of who you truly are. Be more relaxed, knowing that things will always work out just as they should. Inner Beauty. Have you ever considered what inner beauty is?

I believe that inner beauty is the most important feature we have. Our inner beauty shows the world what kind of person one truly is, our compassion, love, and understanding lights us from the inside out.

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Our inner beauty is the flow of positive energy that flows within all of us. It is the life blood of creation, the force that creates, loves, cares, helps, emotes and empathises. It is love in all its forms. Our women feel the pressures of society to look a certain way. In this race to look the best, we forget we should try to be the best.

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Marilyn Monroe. Our human experiences help us develop our soul or inner beauty. Do we take out the time to help an elderly neighbour, or feel compassion for those in need around us? Inner beauty inevitably reflects outwardly, a person may become attracted to what is on the outside, but once they see the true person you are they are captivated by what is on the inside. People who possess a true inner beauty, their eyes are a little brighter, their skin a little more dewy. They vibrate at a different frequency. Just like our outward appearance, our inner beauty needs care and attention as well.

7 Ways to Reveal Your Inner Beauty

Optimise your inner beauty by showing you care, expressing your enthusiasm, sharing your kindness, living with grace, utilising your intelligence, and expanding your creativity. Surround yourself with people you feel happy and safe with. Those who share your values, and who can appreciate the real you. So this month I believe we should take the time to look in the mirror and see who we are on inside, reflect on whether we are the person that radiates to others.

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The best thing about our inner beauty is that we can change it, realize it, and even enhance it. Life is Now.

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Today we would like to try just think in something important. You and we should endeavour to be conscious about this instant, and think about what exists in the present moment. There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only NOW , because life happens now at this moment. If we are not living this moment, we are not really living. Our focus should not be on whether we have greys, or if our body is not what we desire. Then we would be missing the essence of our true beauty that is always accessible to us, inside our body, in our relationships with those we love, and outside in nature.

For sure we can achieve in our lives all the joy, creativity, energy, and love we seek, when we become aware of develop our higher power. This simple act gave me some sense of relief. It was not even about buying anything. It was about connecting with something physical that helped me connect with something deeper within myself. Something that I felt like I had lost at the time. But in reality, I had not lost anything.

What I realized was that this creative process was about remembering who I truly was. And adorning yourself with beauty is an act of self-love. Click to tweet! Sign up to Get more Free Tips to become magnetic in your life and thriving beauty business. So true, Jenn! Beauty is everywhere and could be anything.