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But you should have an idea yourself if you've read the prologue or first chapter at Tor. Congrats to all the other folk on the shortlist and thank you kindly to the judges.

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Hoping for a fine turnout to each and all! What was sundered and undone shall be whole, the two made one! Your author-in-residence finds herself still mildly injured, yet determined to meet her deadlines and also, during various festivities, determined to eat wattle seed scones with lemon myrtle cream and macadamia Haagen-Dazs Just like my imminent shiny new novel!

Return to Alastair (The Tahn Saga Book #3): A Novel

Americans and Canadians: The time for your Goodreads Giveaway is now! Tor is sending out 10 advance copies, huzzah! Ends January 2nd. POC Destroy Fantasy! In my head it's "that slightly harrowing Europa story" but actually the title is The Shallowest Waves and you know where to go to subscribe to Analog if you want, you don't need me to tell you ;. It's looking like I'll have some Australian book launches for Crossroads of Canopy next year, plus or minus the talented Cat Sparks with her hotly anticipated SF biopunk Lotus Blue , due in March More information as it comes to hand.

Widget deleted, alas, because too wide for this fixed-width page. My friend Melissa thinks to herself: I told you so. I've been a bit quiet online lately, due to an injury, but keep your eyes peeled for a Twitter giveaway in the not-too-distant future. Jemisin and Sofia Samatar with a simultaneous audio release by the amazing Podcastle. I joined Newcastle City Archers in Peter taught me from my first day through to the end of when I stopped shooting competitively though the visits to Neath didn't stop.

Much more than a coach, he was a father-figure who modelled humility, patience and quiet expertise; who was able to guide without attempting to control, advise without passing judgement, and who, as a gifted woodworker and archer, embodied the qualities I later fell in love with and married in younger form when my Action Man came onto the scene. Peter, you dressed as an executioner for my medieval party, you made my bowstrings, you laughed at my bad jokes and ate my weird ethnic food without complaining. You're leaving a hole behind like a pass-through in a paper target.

Thank you for everything. But not on the train. Because 12 hours on the not-actually-very-fast-train is a cash saving but not a sanity saving. Just so we're clear on that little experiment. Prior to that was the Brisbane convention, Contact, and oh boy, did those folks have their shit together! It was fantastic and I'd totally go for another one of those, too! I haven't forgotten you, Conflux. See you in Canberra in October. And yay for my friends who not only make conventions awesome but help me to get to them.

If you can't wait til January to read one of my long works of course you can't! I'll be appearing on three different panels. But Fun! Details HERE.

Giant , my "Defying Doomsday" story, is set for a mid release. And it is set in space.

So you can see I have been travelling widely inside my own brain. Oh, and I have started collecting email addresses in case you would like any of these brief and infrequent updates arriving in your inbox, instead of having to remember to check this site. Sign up on my contact page! Mistletoe is OK, though. I did a National Parks cultural tour in the Snowy Mountains once where this Wiradjuri guy showed us which mistletoe fruits were safe to eat and how not to get poisoned, it was so cool. Get thee to a newsagency, Aussie readers! To the online shop, othersies!

I don't have too much other news on the writing front. I've delivered a couple of short stories to the lovely editors who have asked for them and am waiting to hear about whether they've made the grade. How gorgeous is that website? Yes, so the ballot has been out since July and I haven't mentioned here that Long Hidden is shortlisted for a World Fantasy Award which is really freakin' cool! I have to remember that wonderful strangers may now be landing here hello, wonderful strangers! You know. What Keats said about melancholy and bursting joy's grape against your palate fine, etc.

Although in the Titans Forest series I have ditched such temperate climate fruits as grapes for the delights of blue quandongs and magenta cherries. I was a bit weepy down in Canberra when I got up to accept it.


It meant so much to me, since I had won before for fantasy but never science fiction. They are both so dear to my heart. It's going to be ludicrous Australian Capital Territorian fun! Hard choices this year, my family put through the wringer; job losses, relocations, mental illnesses, death, dementia and suicide; in a way I won't be sad to see go, to turn that new leaf, to see what jewel bugs or funnelweb spiders wait on the other side.

Then again, the release of this book is a real milestone for me: The Mammoth Book of Science Fiction Stories by Women Amazon - not quite out yet in Australia at Booktopia but out in the UK - my sister and I used to devour the books in the Mammoth series when I was a teenager. Vintana is set in Madagascar and stars the fabulously ruthless Queen Ranavalona. The lineup looks so good!

About as good as appearing with Ursula LeGuin in Clarkesworld 90 , eh? Easy for me to forget about these amazing sales because my brag shelf is now in boxes in storage with all my other books, somewhere between the camping equipment and Action Man's collection of antique hand-planes, but they really did happen!

Who knows what will happen next. Tuckeroo seed carpets under the wheels of European convertibles and urban bush turkeys in the front yards of five-million-dollar homes are beginning to push the bare boards of the old primary school and the sight of utes piled high with lucerne out of my brain.

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The release date for The Beast Within 4: gears and Growls was set for October 31st , and Novascapes joined Phantazein , alive and kicking in the world. But I've mostly been saying goodbye to the Hunter Valley. Jacarandas wept purple in the warm wind. Silky oaks held the Singleton library in a cup of bronze. At dusk, the fruit bats erupted out of Burdekin park and into the wide sky. I'll miss those wide skies, the amazing birds and the warm-hearted people.

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But if the wedge-tailed eagle of Wonnaruah Country isn't watching over me any more, hopefully the white-bellied sea-eagle of Kuringgai country will. And I do love the beach, and the pulsing heart of Sydney. It's weird but also exciting to think I'll be able to go to Symphony in the Domain for the first time in a decade.

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Hello galahs eating dandelion seeds in the cold morning fog, crazy birthday season drawing to a close and me screeching whenever the hot water system malfunctions. Plenty has happened since March, short story-wise, but I've been toiling in the novel-mines with my latest irresistibly enmeshing projects, magical rainforest fantasy Canopy and alternate-history SF Age of Contagion.

So, all this news is no longer news, really. Except for the Genius Loci thing. That is real, fresh news from this very morning, haha. Enter the giveaway on Goodreads! Everyone else is going to London soon for Worldcon, while I am here counting my beans, but that is OK, I have much to learn about Pagayurung and the Padri War before I venture into my next short story :. I've got a few irons in the fire. Next month, hopefully I'll have some news I can share about short story acceptances.

I'm excited about the Aurealis Awards next week eek! It's a mashup of people so damaged by life that they can't recognise a paradise when they're in one, aliens and wildlife rehabilitation. Enjoy as text or audio!