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You can find marjoram seeds here! The plant that the essential oil is derived from is an excellent plant to add to your garden! It can grow either in the form of a bush or a vine. I picture it growing as a vine up a trellis with its beautiful white flowers permeating the air with their perfume worthy fragrance. What a wonderful thought: I can totally see myself sitting under said trellis on a garden bench with a cup of hot tea and a book.

Not really reality. After all I have four kids, homeschool, raise goats, blog etc. Spearmint is an essential oil that I love to use for digestive issues.

Lavandula angustifolia English Lavender, True Lavender PFAF Plant Database

It is excellent for nausea, upset stomach, indigestion, etc. You can use the herb in cooking, make spearmint tea for tummy troubles, or add it to your kitchen bouquet! You can find spearmint seeds here! You can use it in any of the ways that you would use spearmint.

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I love both the herb and the essential oil a lot! You can find peppermint seeds here! Along with Oregano and Thyme, Basil is one of those herbs you want to keep growing on your windowsill! You can find basil seeds here! Rose essential oil is highly prized due to how hard it is to make. It takes about 1, rose petals just to make 1 drop of rose essential oil!

48 Best Medicinal Plants with Their Benefits

One of my favorite uses for rose essential oil is for grief. Rose is an excellent oil for those that are grieving the death of a loved one.

Writer, gardener, TV presenter

Grow roses in your essential oil garden so that you can add them to your floral bouquet for their therapeutic qualities! Now, this is not the same geranium flower that you would find at your local nursery. So be sure that you purchase the right variety to have a true essential oil geranium plant in your essential oil garden!

It is not only a beneficial plant, but a very attractive plant as well. Use it in cooking or add a sprig to your bouquet. You can find rosemary seeds here! I especially love it for use during the menstrual cycle or menopause. I actually use clary sage essential oil in the Hot Flash Spray that I make. Add clary sage to your herb garden and experience the wonderful benefits that this herb has to offer!

You can find clary sage seeds here! It is exactly what it says, a tall grass. Add it to your garden for not only its elegant appearance, but to repel bugs and mosquitos.

The Allure of Fresh Herbs

Lemongrass is said to repel insects, which makes it a great plant for planting around your patio or garden benches! Cilantro is a great herb to have on hand. I can go through a lot of cilantro! I love it in guacamole, pico de gallo, tacos, etc. Yep, cilantro essential oil is made from the leafy green part of the plant and coriander essential oil is made from the seeds of the cilantro plant!

Gardeners herald the many benefits of growing herbs

You can find coriander seeds here! The bright green leaves have an attractive purple blotch at their centers. This delicious herb has flavors of cilantro, citrus, and pepper, with very little pungency. Common in Vietnamese cuisine, it is eaten fresh in salads, spring rolls, soups, fish dishes, and is often found on fresh herb plates. Laksa soup, a Singapore staple, is topped with handfuls of freshly chopped Persecaria. It relieves indigestion and bloating, and is rumored to repress sexual urges.

Gardening - planning an edible garden

With some shade and water, this herb will quickly produce an abundance of tasty leaves. If you enjoy the tastes of SE Asia, this herb is a must. It can be substituted for mint or cilantro in Vietnamese recipes, or add an inspired touch to any stir fry or summer soup. Society garlic is a charming little bloomer from the Onion family Alliaceae. The purple-pink flower clusters hover above the silvery gray-green foliage.

It thrives with good sun exposure and well-drained soil, and is hardy to Zone 7. With little effort from the gardener, society garlic will bloom from late spring through summer! The flavors and aromas of Tulbaghia are similar to garlic, but not so pungent. Its name refers to the fact that you could still have a polite conversation with a stranger after eating it.

The leaves can be chopped and used like chives, fresh or cooked. The flowers are edible too, and make a great garnish for spring salads. Plant Tulbaghia for your kitchen, and you just might find a new favorite ornamental! Sweet, red-purple flowers hang in loose spikes along this low evergreen shrub. Bloom time: Summer. To keep neat, shear back once or twice a year to force side branching.

Plant in full sun. Garden Uses: Perfect use as edging, foreground, low clipped hedge, or small-scale groundcover.

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Horseradish belongs to the Mustard family. It has a very thick, pungent, and fleshy taproot system, which gives rise to many fleshy side roots in the surface of the soil and is very vigorous. Does best in moist soils in cool regions. Grow it in a sunny, out-of-the-way corner.

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  7. Horseradish can actually take quite a lot of neglect. It is a vigorous, spreading plant not requiring fertilizer. Dig roots in the fall, after the tops have been exposed to frost. Store in a plastic bag in the fridge. The basic requirements for successfully growing lavender are full sun and good drainage.

    Lavender is a hardy plant and will tolerate neglect, but it will flourish best if these two requirements are met. Pruning is the best way to maintain healthy and vigorous bush. Pruning should be done at least once a year for the whole life of the plant. What herb garden would be complete without mint? Highly aromatic, with uses in the culinary arts, herbal medicine, and crafting, mints are among the easiest herbs to grow.

    Run Your Own Plant Sale

    Use in summer drinks and teas, vegetable and fruit salads, or even with meat or savory dishes. Make a fragrant summer wreath or bouquet! Menthol has antiseptic, decongestant, and analgesic uses. Mounds of downy dark green leaves with small clusters of pink or purple flowers in summer. Keep it cut back to stay bushy or leave it alone and let it spill over a rock wall or hanging basket.