Manual How To Dress A Pear Shaped Body And Look Fabulous

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You can do this very easily by choosing tops with the right style and shape and also choosing bold designs and colours. Tops should be fitted and not baggy and should finish at the top of your hips to emphasize your well-defined waist. Avoid tops and short jackets that end at your bum because these draw the eye to your larger middle section. The most flattering tops for the pear shape women should be of about three quarter length, this length will effectively cover your less than flattering areas which are going to be your hips, bottom and thighs.

Styling Tips: How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body

It can be really fun to be creative with the tops you wear. You will find that it is difficult to go wrong when choosing tops with colour, detail and pattern that will draw the eyes upwards and the neckline is the perfect place for detail. Blouses and tops with beautiful patterns and textures draw attention up to your upper body up to your beautiful face. Striped jumpers can visually add inches to your top half to balance broad hips too.

Choose wider necklines like bateau, squared or cowl necks to show off the neckline and shoulders. Examples of Tops for Pear Shapes.

Short With a Pear Shaped body- Here's what to WEAR

Visit our shop. Avoid shorter jackets and coats that end at your bum though as this will draw the eye to your large middle section with a horizontal line. Shoulder detail can be flattering here along with also a pattern or detail to the cuff area or breast area of the coat. Double breasted coats will give the desired balanced look. Accessorize your coat or jacket with a coloured scarf or broach Wear lighter shades or more brightly colored tops to balance the darker bottom.

A-line skirts, wraps and dresses are the best for Pears because they skim through those lovely curves without making them look baggy and unshapely. Pants and skirts that are flat-fronted or softly pleated will emphasize your smaller waist areas.

Perfect Bottoms for Pear Shapes

Finally, remember that heels not only make you feel and look taller, they also add a few inches to your legs while making your hips and bottoms look smaller. Shop Jeans.


Pears usually get frustrated when trying on jeans, for one. You take them off the rack and try them on.

And remember, trends will come and go but style is timeless. We hope you enjoyed this blog post and share it with your friends.

Also, please feel free to leave us a comment. See you soon!!! PS: Not getting our emails? Use this popup to embed a mailing list sign up form. Offer incentives to customers to join and build your mailing list. I will tell you why you should be proud of what you have and flaunt it in the best possible way instead of cribbing on not so great areas. The Pear shaped body has many, many redeeming qualities… all of them upstairs. Heavily embroidered or sequins tops will accentuate your torso.

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Your arms are nearly always toned to the point of perfection. So your top half is hard to fault. Muscular back, tiny waist and a card-hard stomach make you one lucky girl.