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The Art of Deception

Help Help Center. Please Confirm. Cancel OK. Bird of Paradise S 5. Black Parade S 5. Chocolate Muffin Warmup S 5. Christianity on Demand S 5. Death From Above S 5. Tell us more about the connection economy.

Seth Godin on The Icarus Deception

I can grab an email address. I can get a Facebook follower. How do I take these tools and go back to making more crap? How do I take advantage of the new marketing to continue making average stuff for average people? It goes so much deeper than this. When we start keeping score of something different, suddenly the Internet economy makes a lot more sense. JOHN: Yes. At first, the fear was that this Internet economy was going to destroy everything.

It was going to blow everything up and it was going to be worse.


But is this actually going to be bigger? As this new connection economy grows and all these new opportunities open up, are we actually even more better off? Are we going into an age of prosperity? It just is.

3 Deceptive Basketball Moves for Guards

What he did was he earned the privilege of talking to a hundred million people. It turns out, if he tries to leverage connection and create abundance through that connection, he can build an entire career on it. Shifting further, you talked about propaganda and dogma as a big part of this as far as the death of the Industrial Age, that this has been built up around us. You mentioned cottage, cathedral, and castle. Could you talk a little bit about that and propaganda? SETH: Mythology is the original cultural touchstone.

It goes back tens of thousands of years. Most of us think we know the story, which is fly too close to the sun and you will get burned, that hubris is a bad thing.

We were pushed to encourage people to fly too low because industrialists want us to fly too low. If the book has only one message that I had to pick, it would be fly closer to the sun. And yet, there are millions of people who use Twitter, but the vast majority of Tweeter re-tweets. What right do you have? What hubris for you to stand up and say you know anything?

To be open means being vulnerable to feedback. Vulnerability ignites the enemy of arts and creativity, which is shame. Everyone carries some shame around. And so I guess my looping answer to your question is that we need to go back to the original myths, the myths that we passed from one person to another that were basically arguments that we could be like the gods. The only reason myths are interesting to us is that the gods are us.

The stories of the gods are stories of what we could do and what we could become. And so, when we see a cheetah running through the jungle, we see kamiwaza, because the cheetah could not run any better, any more fluidly, any more perfectly.

Deceit And Self-Deception

But when human beings set out to do it, we check ourselves. We hold ourselves back. And then you spend a lot of time digging into, okay, so now, what does it take to be an artist and to do this stuff? SETH: Yes, they never said you could make a lot of money, but they did say, you could get the radio and the radio-controlled airplane and all that other stuff. Grit, it turns out, is something psychologists have been talking about a lot lately. If you do a Google shopping search, you can actually buy grit by the pound. They sell walnut shells that they used for sand blasting and cleaning up stuff.

It is the stuff in carborundum grinding wheels that grinds down the things that are opposed to it. Grit is a choice. What matters is that you choose to put yourself into this world as a creator, an actor, an artist, a leader. JOHN: You talked about shame and vulnerability. But, again, this whole back section of the book is talking about being an artist and how to pursue your craft and put something out there. You have a whole section about 14 real-life stories from artists.

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