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Brendan Francis Newnam: Yeah, I still need that. They really are.

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Tim Gunn: People buy clothes that are too big. Tim Gunn: Oh, there are plenty of things I would jettison, yes, absolutely. And I know from experience that I can have a very combative fashion relationship with an individual, but in the end, she or he gets it. And I have the greatest respect for the decisions that individuals make. If you want to look like a big unkempt slob, go ahead!

This is from Elizabeth in Philadelphia, PA. But you know, if this item that has a hole in it is a soul-stirrer, it can and should be repaired in some way. Otherwise, turn it into a dust rag or throw it away. Brendan Francis Newnam: I was going to say the answer to this question could be location, location, location. Sometimes a strategic hole, like in the knee — not that you put it there, but you wear in your jeans — is kinda cool. It shows you love your clothes…. There is that school of thought that thinks that distressed denim is fashionable. Tim Gunn: Yeah, they do.

But any other item, I would just say that hole is begging to be made bigger. Rico Gagliano: I have a follow-up to this. I have a tee shirt that is beloved. It got a tiny, slightly larger than moth-sized hole in it —. To be honest, this problem confronts me every morning. Dangles or studs, clutch or purse, scarf or necklace? Getting dressed is a crap shoot. Do you have a general rule of thumb for the dreaded A-word: accessorizing? The whole thing about earrings, of course, is you also have to look at the corresponding hairstyle.

If you have shorter hair, you can do more dangly earrings.

The apparel and accessories should be in balance. What makes one color cool at the moment or not? These things change so quickly; it all seems so arbitrary. Has it always been like this? I realize this is not really a matter of etiquette, but I thought that, if anyone, you could make sense of this.

Tim Gunn: Joey is correct. It is rather arbitrary. I have a kind of disdain for trends. If you look rosy, then the color is probably good for you; if you look sallow, get rid of it. Rico Gagliano: The most interesting part of this question to me is, where do these things come from? Who is the lord high color-trend person that decides that orange is going to be the new black? Tim Gunn: Well, it happens about three years in advance of it actually hitting the market, because the textile mills have to make it.

If you wear them within the three years after that moment is past, that is really devastating. Brendan Francis Newnam: Trends, whether or not you like them, you do have to respond to them on some level.

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I want things that have staying power. Rico Gagliano: Let me ask you : is there an item of clothing that you feel was your biggest mistake? Tim Gunn: I will. This is how much I love you guys. I have never told anyone this: I once bought a pair of leather jeans. Black leather jeans. Tim Gunn, you could rock that right now. You could do it. Not many people could. Brendan Francis Newnam: I picture you waking up one morning, putting them in a bag in the back of your car, driving four hundred miles outside of New York and dropping them off. Rico Gagliano: We have to reassess everything about you, but thank you for telling our audience how to behave.

I have a double bed, but I generally use queen sized linens. If I buy ones theoretically designed for a double bed, the fitted sheet barely stretches to the corners and the flat sheet is too small to tuck properly under the mattress.

After tackling pop culture catastrophes on TV's "Chelsea Lately," she landed her own sitcom called, crazily, "Whitney" and co-created the long-running hit "Two Broke Girls. And Other Lies. Listen as they sit in the driver's seat for the segment and help our a listener deal with a spouse who grips their fork like a cave man, and more. Share on Facebook. November Beauty Must-Haves Hello my beautiful readers! Where in the world has this In today's day and age, getting an injection or two to your face has become a normal thing thanks to September Beauty Must Haves A little late on this one, but hey better late than never right?

August Beauty Must Haves Hello beauties! In this edition of the beauty round-up we have a powder foundation that sticks to your face no Recently I started to notice some very faint fine lines popping up around my forehead and This month's round-up includes rice papers that promise to Tribal Sets and Straw Hats Hello my fellow fashion feens! It is getting extremely hot down here in Miami so I'm currently transitioning my closet Your Guide to Color Correcting Hello beauties!

In the last few months I've seen women coloring their faces different colors in an attempt to make It's Spring time and the weather is border line brutal in Miami so I'm trading Current Beauty Must-haves Hello my fashion disciples! Since as long as I can remember I was taught that taking proper care of your skin and So glad to be sharing another year with you all and I am beyond excited for the November 5th cannot come soon enough.

Join me at The Falls Denim on Denim Another week is upon us and I'm suffering from a bad case of the Monday blues. What better why to I'm the first one to Today's look is all about the overall trend, which for those of you who have been with Sorry for neglecting you, life has been pretty crazy but never fear I have some awesome collabs coming Today's look features this dainty little initial necklace courtesy of Helen Ficalora. The necklace is oh so Ladies, brace yourselves.

Shrink your Pores! Step 1: Clean Deep - Large pores and excess oil go hand in hand. Use a charcoal face wash to I have a great code to share with all of you on this fine Monday! Hi Loves! If you're like me, the weekend comes with a fresh blow out or big waves to accompany your Fitness Fridays Hello my fashion loving followers! It's finally fri-YAY and I have a fab announcement to make!

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I am starting a Unboxing BoxyCharm Goodness! Hi lovelies! Today come unbox with me some beauty goodness with BoxyCharm! BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription service that costs Farewell , Bonjour Hello my beautiful readers! If you're anything like me, you dye, blow dry, curl and straighten your hair on the regular. Among the countless musical performances, art walks, events, there's It's Halloween week and everyone's favorite dress up day is quickly approaching! With tons of costumes Today I have a hair tutorial just in time for the upcoming weekend and for those wanting to Railroad Runaway Ft.

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It's time for another giveaway! Hi Dolls! October is around the corner and that means so is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Come join me next Druzy Dreams Hello beautiful people! Another day, another outfit except this time my outfit comes with a fab code for all of It's been such an Summer Cocktails with Voli It's the middle of summer and what better way to relax and beat the heat then with some delicious Voli The line is absolutely nothing short of amazing.

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The Met Gala took place last night and as always, the red carpet was full of gorgeous people and even A trend that fashionistas and designers Just Air Grand Opening! Happy Easter from The Fashion Bible! Happy Easter to all my beautiful readers!

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Hope your day is filled with Peeps and Starburst Jellybeans galore! Here are The latest collab was announced last night at Someone pinch me. This 4yr. Now that