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I am the founder of the American Dragon Gate Lineage. I offer a solid foundation course in Qigong for educational and personal development. This course gives the student the skills to become a professional Qigong Teacher. The coursework and learning model is adaptable as a local student or as a distance student.

My hour course is of the highest quality and yet is affordable. I give personal guidance to my students, regardless of where they live. One of my favorite teaching practices is my annual retreat. My next retreat in will be at a rustic center nestled in a Redwood forest along the Californian coast. I have been involved in spiritual and healing practices most of my adult life, dating back to the early s.

Dragon Gate Qigong

I have been studying Qigong for over 25 years, including four study trips to China. He certified me as a Senior Qigong Teacher back in Please visit my other pages for complete details on all of my services and events. Books by Shifu Michael. It focuses on the practices of a modern day western Daoist. Shifu Michael describes the Daoist path. This includes topics like medical qigong, Daoist meditation, Daoist scriptures, silence and solitude, retreats, diet and drinking puerh tea as part of cultivation practices.

This second book consists of journal entries by the author from June to October It picks up with his journey where he left off in his first book. The main topics covered include Medical Qigong, qigong circle walking, both technique and health benefits. Shifu Michael offers three levels of qigong certification that are of the highest quality, and yet are affordable.

He gives personal guidance to his students, whether they are local students and attend his weekly classes, or are learning from a distance, such as throughout the USA, Canada, the European continent, or Australia. He has been studying qigong for more than 20 years, including four study trips to China.

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The purpose of this month phase of training is to provide the new candidate with a complete background in Daoist teachings, practices and history. The daily scripture recitation retreat provides the framework for the remainder of the training period. Thus reciting the scriptures is your daily practice, regardless of any other assignment. Phase 1. The first phase will cover the first days of the day retreat.

The focus will be on developing inner stillness through meditation and supportive kinds of qigong practices. Phase 2. When the first days are completed, the candidate will then advance to Phase 2. Phase 2 will consist of the concentrated studies and written reports.

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Phase 3. The approximate last days of the retreat will be devoted to finishing up unfinished work or preparations for ordination. The American Dragon Gate Lineage is a non-monastic order of Daoist practitioners who have made a conscious commitment to self-cultivation and to the spreading of the Daoist View. Daoism is a philosophical and religious tradition, which has its roots in the Chinese culture, history and philosophy.

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  6. The ultimate concern for Daoists is the return to the Source, which is the Dao. For consecutive days, adepts recite texts from this collection. To support and nourish the above practices, the ADGL adept spends time in solitary retreat.

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    ADGL adepts go on solitary retreats or group retreats for the same purpose. In addition to the above practices, members of the ADGL practice a variety of energy techniques, like qigong, tai chi, martial arts, healing arts and other practices that support inner cultivation and compassionate actions. Ba Gua Circle Walking or simply circle walking is one of my favorite forms of health preservation or qigong that I prefer to practice. It is also one of the forms taught to students. I am working on my next book which will focus mainly on circle walking and also continue the ongoing process of Daoist cultivation that I am practicing.

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    This newly revised hour qigong certification level is my most advanced beginner course offered so far. For those who complete the program, it is guaranteed that they will become successful professional qigong teachers. Distance students learn through communications with the teacher via emails, assigned readings, completion of the training questions, and viewing of instructional movies. Students receive a booklet download file of studies and assignment questions, and there are three required texts to study, and instructional You Tube qigong movies links.